Content Creator Toolkit


This is EXACTLY what I use to create content. There is no right way to make content, it is just about finding what tools work for you.  Some of the links below lead to affiliate pages, but purchase wherever you find the best deal!
As an affiliate marketer for Amazon and other retailers, I earn from qualifying purchases.


Programs and Apps

Ecamm Live

99% of my tutorials are now produced by this program. You can livestream or pre-record and it is so user friendly. This one program has changed my entire production workflow allowing me to put out content 5 days per week. Use code marielou1mo for one month free

Adobe Creative Cloud

Just get it. Learn it. Love it! Premiere is my number one all time favorite creativity tool.  Lightroom is great for photo editing. They all work together and most of my work is done with these programs. I smile and learn new things everytime!

CapCut - FREE Video Editing App

This is my favorite video editor for mobile. It is free and available on both iOS and Android.

Uppbeat for Music

The best music you can use in your YouTube and Instagram content. Even sponsored videos!!! Read the fine pring for yourself, people!!

VidIQ for optimizing your keywords and finding ideas

There is a lot you can do with VidIQ but my favorites are for finding keywords, since I hate thinking about that stuff, and chatting with the AI Coach for ideas

Canva for Thumbnails, Animations, and other Quick Graphics

I am admittedly not a Photoshop wiz so I get a lot out of the easy drag and drop interface on Canva. There are lots of free, customizable templates. I’m a big fan!


iPhone XS Max

You probably already have what you need to get started – a phone.  I am currently using an iPhone XS Max and she does a great job! You can get phones that are a few years old that will still make excellent content.

Phone and Tablet Stand

This is so good, I had to get a second one.

Phone Desk Mount

This is on my desk 100% of the time. I use it a lot in my livestreams and YouTube tutorials for overhead shots. There are a lot of different styles. See what works best for you and your desk.

Pistol Grip Tripod (Light Weight)

I’ve had this pistol grip tripod for years. It is cheap but does the job! I take it on shoots to hold cameras if I am going to be standing by it.  At home, I will use it for my main camera that isn’t going to move much.

Phone Holder for Tripod

There are so many styles of phone holders.  This is the one I use regularly. Attach this to your tripod.

Phone Holder for Tripod with more movement

There are so many styles of phone holders.  This is the one I use regularly. Attach this to your tripod.


I use this remote shutter ALL THE TIME!  This is great for doing hands free Snapchat and IG stories.  Also, you can use this to take selfies! SO much fun.

YouTube and Livestreaming

Canon M50 MkII

This is my main YouTube and Livestream camera. I use it with a Sigma 16mm lens. If you have seen my face on video, it was probably with this camera.

Sigma 16mm f/1.4 Lens for Canon M50 Mark II

This is the lens I use on the Canon M50 mark II. It is wide enough for me to have the camera placed close enough for me to tough it and not be so zoomed in on my face.  Main camera for YouTube videos and a lot of vertical videos, too!

Cam Link Capture Card

I use this to bring my cameras into the computer as webcams.  This is what. makes my livestreams look great! I have tried multiple hdmi capture cards and this is the only one I actually like. It works great with no issues. Depending on the camera, you may not need a capture card.

Power for Canon M50

All of my livestream cameras are connected to power using a coupler.  Which just means it is a dummy battery that plugs into the wall so your camera doesn’t run out of juice when you are livestreaming.

Parrot Teleprompter

This teleprompter is a complete game changer.  Put your script in the Parrot app, then with this item you can see your script and still look at the lens! Watch this video to see how it works.

Tripod with Pistol Grip (Heavy Duty for OVERHEAD Shots))

I will NEVER go without a pistol grip head tripod again.  When filming yourself, you want to have a quick option to adjust without having to turn too many knobs.  This one is what I used to film any top down shots for unboxings and tutorials.

Pistol Grip Tripod (Light Weight)

I’ve had this pistol grip tripod for years. It is cheap but does the job! I take it on shoots to hold cameras if I am going to be standing by it.  At home, I will use it for my main camera that isn’t going to move much.


This is a good dual use camera – on the go point and shoot that can also be used as a webcam via USB and with CLEAN HDMI.

Canon 80D

I’ve had this for years! Crop sensor DSLR I use for work – event photos, sizzle reels, looking official so I can get past security.  Great for filming yourself because it has a flip out screen and really amazing auto focus. DOES NOT HAVE CLEAN HDMI but you can might be able to connect as a webcam via usb depending on your system. To see it in action, check out

Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5

This is the lens I use MOST of the time. I got it because Casey Neistat was using this lens for a while. Very versatile. To see it in action, check out

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8

I use this lens to get photos and videos with a yummy blurred background.  For the price, it is worth having in your kit.


This is my everyday walk around camera. The flip out screen makes it fabulous for vlogging and selfies. It connects to my phone via the Canon Camera Connect app.  This is good for taking photos remotely (full body self portraits, group shots, etc) and for immediate transfer of images for editing/uploading.


Blue Yeti MIcrophone

Easy + Great Quality USB Microphone. PLUG AND PLAY!!!!!

Microphone Arm

My studio is also my desk so I like to be able to tuck away my microphone when I am editing or doing other computer work. I like this one because it has a place to hang headphones under the table, too!

Rode Wireless Go II

I love this wireless microphone set when I need to have two people with their own audio. I use this with my cohost on our show, Everyday Easy.

Rode Lavalier GO - add on for Rode Wireless GO

This comes in black or white – you will use this with the Rode Wireless go if you want this type of microphone.

Zoom H6 Audio Recorder

This gadget packs a lot of punch! You can record from multiple microphones or plug it directly into your camera. I set this on the desk in front of me and sync the audio in post.

Cost Effective Shotgun Mic

Perfectly fine place to start. Not my first choice but for under $25, it does well to improve audio quality of your on board camera mic.


Diva Ring Light Nebula

When I am shooting at home, this is my favorite light.  I will always prefer natural lighting but this is good when that is not an option. Dimmable and sturdy!


I’ve gone through so many lighting set ups and these are awesome. They don’t take up a lot of space, they don’t get hot, and they can clamp on the desk. You can get them with regular lights stands, too.  So nice, I bought them twice!

Background Flood Lights

I use something similar to this to light the wall behind me in most of my videos.  Simple solution without having to get a backdrop!

Additional Accessories

Stream Deck

This helps me switch cameras and more while live-streaming

MacBook Stand

This helps raise my laptop up so I can get it right next to my camera.

Wireless Multi Device Keyboard

Did you know you could LOVE a keyboard? I didn’t until I got this one.  It can connect to multiple devices and easily switch between them.  It is so cool to live in the future!

Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

I spend A LOT of time at my desk so ergonomics is important.  This upgrade got rid of pain in my wrists. AMAZING!

Travel and Storage

ThinkTank Airport Roller Derby

This is my current favorite travel buddy when taking a lot of gear. It stores everything I need and rolls with me wherever I need to go. Very sturdy and has plenty of modular dividers for customizing your storage. I love this piece!

Incase Icon Backpack

I’m surprised this hasn’t fused to my back yet. This travels with me everyday, everywhere, all the time.