In this guide, I will be sharing my favorite tech gifts for travelers! As you may already know, I travel ALL THE TIME for work.  I'm talking twice a week more more, most weeks of the year. Frequent flyer miles are great but there are some gadgets I keep with me to help me feel grounded.  Yes its true – years of traveling have taught me what tech items make life on the road a little less harrowing.


About $9.99

This is one of the most accessible tech gifts for travelers that you can buy because you don't have to worry about if they are an Apple or Android person. Not only that – It is a great tech gift to give to anyone, not just travelers.  If you are a brand and want to give out swag people will actually use, get PopSockets. This has to be my most used phone accessory and there are many reasons this is a great tech gift. The major feature is that it provides a sturdier grip BUT the real bonus is being able to prop your phone up so you can enjoy your entertainment with ease! They come in various colors, designs, and textures so it is easy to find the right one for your favorite traveler. I was resistant to them for a long time because I thought it would make my device bulky but its actually not a problem. I've purchased multiple PopSockets for myself and others over the past 2 years. The downside is that once you put it on, it stays on.  If you change your phone or your case, you will have to get a new one. But at just around $10, its an easy replacement for the use you get out of it.  Get on board. Your favorite traveler will love it, and so will you.



I am always moving and shaking, so reading a hard copy book is difficult but I listen to SO MANY audio books when I am traveling.  I'm able to enjoy a story or educate myself and still be able to rest my eyes when I'm on the plane. There are multiple gift options to choose from and with Audible's extensive library, this is sure to please any traveler in your life.  I have had my subscription for about 4 years and use that new book credit every single month.




Really, you could get any noise cancelling headphones and it will ease your travelers' mind BUT the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II really impress me.  I love the over the ear style.  I love the color (hello sexy Triple Midnight). I love all of the features. They are bluetooth so it easily connects to all of your devices and comes with a cable that allows you to listen to the in plane entertainment.  But the best thing about these headphones is the noise cancelling magic! I don't quite understand what wizardry makes it work, but it works so well. After flying, I usually have a headache and feel beyond fatigued.  With these, I don't have a headache, I feel more centered, but still tired but that is because I probably haven't slept in 48 hours.  That friends, is a different story but these do help!


Price varies. Latest model starts at $399.00

The Apple Watch is one of the best tech gifts for travelers.  Apple watches are so powerful and there are so many features that make this piece of tech my travel bestie. Connectivity to my iPhone is flawless which is key for a few reasons. My Delta app will alert me of any changes or important events – when running through an airport, it will tap on my wrist to let me know if my gate has changed, if boarding has started, and when my bag has made it to baggage claim. You can also use your boarding pass through your Apple Watch, but I don't utilize that feature often.   You can also use it as a remote shutter to take photos of yourself on your travels and track all those steps you take from gate to gate. A feature I do utilize ALL THE TIME is pinging my phone.  You know that panic that washes over you when you can't remember if you put your phone in the bottom of your backpack or if you left it in the bathroom of another terminal? Well, you can easily ping your phone before digging through everything in a tizzy. I can avoid unnecessary stress when I hear that heavenly ding because it tells me my phone nearby.  Usually in a pocket.  Right where I left it. I've had my watch for about two years and it has proven useful time and time again.



This isn't tech but I'm going to mention it in this list anyways. Packing cubes changed my travel life.  These little lovelies can help your traveler organize their luggage in a customizable way.  You can split up by type of clothing.  You can split up by cities, if you have multiple destinations. Plus you can use them to easily corral all of your gadgets, toiletries, and underwear! The possibilities are endless!


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