Tech Essentials

From professional shoots to solo adventures, these are the products I actually use and love. Here, you will find everything you will need to produce all sorts of content. No need to buy everything, but depending on your project, this is a good starting point to find what you need.  Some of the links below lead to affiliate pages, but purchase wherever you find the best deal!



NOT for use with heavy DSLR cameras but this stand is absolutely amazing for your lightweight cameras including your phone, GoPro, point + shoot, and 360 camera.  This fits easily in my backpack or camera kit.  I use this ALL THE TIME.  I don’t trust the phone holder that comes with it, so I suggest the one on this list.


This really is the best phone holder I have used.  I use this on the stand listed on this gear guide as well as regular tripods.  I like that it easily flips from landscape to portrait.


I use this remote shutter ALL THE TIME!  This is great for doing hands free Snapchat and IG stories.  Also, you can use this to take selfies! SO much fun.


I LOVE THESE LENSES. My favorite and the one I use the most is the 18mm Wide Lens. I also have the 60mm and Macro lenses, which come in handy when the shot calls for it.

Moment Telephoto Lens

This telephoto lens is great for getting shots of things a little farther away without having to zoom in and degrade your photo quality.

Moment Macro Lens

Love to take photos of eyeballs and bugs? Well, you will after you get this lens! I didn’t think I would like this as much as I do but I creepily ask to take close up photos of my friends eyeballs with this lens more often than I should.

Sexy Phone Case for your Sexy Lenses

Moment Lenses come with a mount for your phone but with as expensive as they are, I really suggest getting the case that can mount them.  Plus, it looks so dang sexy!


This item works for regular lightweight cameras (point and shoot) and with the Joby Grip to hold your phone. It is basically an egg timer with a screw in it that can hold lightweight camera gear.  You use this to create sexy panning time-lapses. YAASSSSSSSSSS

Giroptic IO 360 cam for Mobile

I love this 360 camera so much.  It is portable and lightweight.  Connects easily via their app.  Quickly takes 360 photos and formats them in various sharable ways.

Camera Essentials

DJI Spark Fly More Combo

This is my adorable little drone.  Her name is Robin Sparkles.  She may be small but do not underestimate her power!  Really fabulous picture quality.  Invest the extra bit in the Fly More Combo. It is definitely worth it.  And get the Lava Red color – to match your lipstick, obviously.

Canon T6i Creator Kit

The latest version of my very first DSLR. Highly worth the upgrades!

Canon G7X

This is my everyday walk around camera. The flip out screen makes it fabulous for vlogging and selfies. It connects to my phone via the Canon Camera Connect app.  This is good for taking photos remotely (full body self portraits, group shots, etc) and for immediate transfer of images for editing/uploading.

Canon 80D

Crop sensor DSLR I use for work – event photos, sizzle reels, looking official so I can get past security.  Great for filming yourself because it has a flip out screen and really amazing auto focus.

Canon 5D

Full sensor camera I have used for work. More robust and professional than the 80D, which in turn makes it more expensive.

Canon Portrait and Travel Two Lens Kit with 50mm f/1.8 and 10-18mm Lenses

This is actually a pretty solid deal if you are just getting started out with buying lenses.  I’d start with this if you can!

Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5

This is the lens I use MOST of the time. I got it because Casey Neistat was using this lens for a while. Very versatile.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8

I use this lens to get photos and videos with a yummy blurred background.  For the price, it is worth having in your kit.

Ricoh Theta S 360 Camera

If you want to get some cool 360 shots, this is a great camera to go with.  I love it for photos, but it doesn’t impress me for video.

DJI Osmo

THIS is what you need for some sexy, steady, cinematic shots. I love this camera so much.  Bonus Feature: using the DJI Go App  you can livestream to Facebook + Youtube directly from this sexy little beast.

Snapchat Spectacles

Used to be able to only get Snapchat Spectacles through a vending machine. Now available for online purchase. There goes the neighborhood.

Travel and Storage

ThinkTank Airport Roller Derby

This is my current favorite travel buddy when taking a lot of gear. It stores everything I need and rolls with me wherever I need to go. Very sturdy and has plenty of modular dividers for customizing your storage. I love this piece!

Incase Icon Backpack

I’m surprised this hasn’t fused to my back yet. This travels with me everyday, everywhere, all the time.


Diva Ring Light Nova 18" Ring Light

When I am shooting at home, this is my favorite light.  I will always prefer natural lighting but this is good when that is not an option.

Starter Lighting Kit

This is a great starter lighting kit.  I actually use one of the umbrella lights with a Phillips Hue bulb as my living room light, because I like it that much. Descent option for getting your home studio started.

Cost Effective Soft Boxes

I love these lights. The are so versatile. I use them for my talking videos and for product shots.  Great for lighting backgrounds and casting a soft light across a scene.  Easy to put up and take down.