How to remove the lenses from your Snapchat Spectacles

How to remove the lenses from your Snapchat SpectaclesI adored my Snapchat Spectacles from the moment I got them. Except, I was not into them being sunglasses.  I got them right before working New Years Eve in Times Square and I had a very important dilemma that I needed to come to terms with.  Do I look more like an a-hole wearing sunglasses at work at night OR is it worse to wear funky looking glasses with no lenses at all.  Being New Years Eve, funky with no lenses won.  With my Spectacles, that has been my look of choice so far.  I decided to take them out and have never looked back.  People sometimes ask if I got special prescription Spectacles and barely notice that there is no lens.  I rationalize that their primary function is to be a camera so the lenses are arbitrary.  I'm not trying to hide the fact that I'm wearing a camera on my face.  So, lens free I will continue to be.

If you, too, have Snapchat Spectacles and would like to remove the lenses, here are my steps to becoming lens free like me!

**Remove your lenses at your own risk**

Remove lenses at your own risk

Use your pointer + middle fingers to brace the frame from the outside.  These fingers should be on the front of the glasses, the side that faces out.


Use pointer + middle fingers to brace frame from outside

Use thumbs on the lens to firmly press outward near nose bridge.  Make sure your thumbs are on the lens and your pointer + middle fingers are on the frame.


Use thumbs on lens to firmly press outward near nose bridge

Now press firmly but gently.  You will need to press harder than you think. Use caution to not bend the frame in the process.

You will need to press harder than you think

To replace the lens, line up the lens from the inside, using the u-shaped cut out to guide you.


To replace: start from u-shaped cut out and insert from inside the frame

Once it is lined up, gently but firmly press all around the frame to reinsert the lens.


Gently but firmly press all around the frame to reinsert lens

Now we can be lens free Snapchat Spectacle besties!

 Now we can be Snapchat Spectacle Besties

If you prefer this information in video form, you can see the full tutorial here



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