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If there was ONE THING that I would suggest you do to improve your mobile photography it would be to turn on your grid and utilize the rule of thirds!  How is this going to help your mobile photography?  When taking a photo you should always consider the composition and turning on the grid will help you do that.  It was a game changer for me.  I assume the steps would be similar on most phones with a camera, but this is how you turn on the photo grid feature in iOS:


  1.  Go to your settings
  2. Pull down the menu and click on search and type grid
  3. OR scroll down and select Photos & Camera
  4. Select Grid
  5. Turn on Grid


Now that it is on, what do you do with it? This grid is a tool that will help you utilize the rule of thirds.   You will line up the subject matter in different ways using the grid in order to create visually appealing photographic compositions.


Line up the horizon with one of the horizontal lines.

Use the grid to line up the horizon

Point of focus:

Use the crosshairs to inform your viewers where you would like them to focus


Use the grid to draw the eye a focal point



Use the grid to center your subject or make sure your photo is symmetrical.

Symmetry in architecture

Use the grid to create symmetry and line up those wild eyes.


Most digital cameras will have this feature and I, personally, have it turned on for all of them.  Do remember, when creating any kind of art no rule is law.  Use this guideline as a way to train your eye for typically appealing compositions.  Learn it then BREAK THE RULES.  Explore and see what you come up with!  Try it out, post a photo, and tag me + hashtag #pictureyourselfhappy for a potential feature.

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