Marielou Mandl is a seasoned on-camera host, producer, and content creator with 15+ years of experience. Her mission is to help creators make better videos. Catch her YouTube channel about video production, gear, and good vibes. She also wants to remind you to drink some water, be good humans and don't forget to wipe your lens!

As long as I am not putting myself or others in danger, I am usually willing to try anything just to say I did – especially if it scares me.

I always have at least one camera on me, but usually more.  Seriously ALWAYS ready to shoot

I have survived the following natural disasters – earthquake, flood, hurricane, typhoon, tornado, and volcano. Yup! I was in the Philippines during the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991.

I am classically trained in improv comedy. By classically trained, I mean I have completed levels 1 – 4 at Upright Citizens Brigade.  I loved it. I miss it. Everyone should try it.

In school, I taught myself to take notes backwards in cursive.

My favorite movie is Back to the Future.

I have competed in a few beauty pageants.  Some random one when I was 8, Miss Teen Fil-Am when I was 17, and Miss California USA 2010. They were all interesting experiences.

I learned to drive on a stick shift. Once I learned how to do that, I realized I probably could learn anything.

Sometimes, when I'm not behind the camera, I am hosting in front of the camera at Maria Menunos' online network AfterbuzzTV.

Hosting is the job I have been doing the longest – since I was 12 years old! My first gig was hosting and producing the Everitt Middle School Morning and Afternoon Announcements.