Marielou Mandl interviewed by GeekGirlBoss

GeekGirlBoss, created and curated by Jada Young, is a blog celebrating women “that were so obsessed with a topic or industry, they were number one fangirls.” She interviewed me about my love of digital content and creativity. Check out the interview here:
Meet Marielou Mandl

Marielou Mandl is a tech blogger, photographer, filmmaker and host with a healthy appetite for gadgets + glam. In addition to creating tech based content for her YouTube channel, she has produced photo/video content for clients such as Nickelodeon, HBO, Sesame Workshop, Nintendo, Cupcake Vineyards and more. When she is not playing with new gadgets or dancing in glitter, she can be seen as the host of her podcast On the Fly Filmmaking, featured on the hit online network Popcorn Talk.

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