New Years Eve in Times Square

One of my favorite gigs HAS to be working New Years Eve in Times Square with LiveX as a field producer for the Times Square Alliance Ball Drop Webcast.  This is another event that I likely wouldn't attend had it not been the fact that I was invited to work. I am so glad I took the offer! NYE 2017 was my first run. I prepared for extreme cold, but it was actually very nice.  NYE 2018 was cold, even to the New Yorkers, so this very tropical gal was still defrosting come March. With a fabulous team of 4 – host, audio, camera, and production assistant – we produced 30+ interviews with revelers and celebrities. Additionally, we found couples to get engaged onstage in front of millions of people. There is definitely an art to finding folks in the crowd looking to make this a special night, but as producer, the key is to stay close enough to the crowd that someone with a ring in their pocket will tap you on the shoulder to see if they can have some screen time for their special moment.  There are a lot of logistics that go into keeping the secret until it is time to pop the question, but it is all worth the excitement and honor of being part of such a memorable moment. Bonus moment: I was *THIS CLOSE* to Mariah Carey.


so. very. cold.

But still a great time.

  We had three field teams covered the event, eventually taking shelter from the cold by falling into The Gap.

Just before the countdown!

Yes, it is as magical as you think it is!

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Marielou Mandl is a tech blogger, photographer, filmmaker and host with a healthy appetite for gadgets + glam. In addition to creating tech based content for her YouTube channel, she has produced photo/video content for clients such as Nickelodeon, HBO, Sesame Workshop, Nintendo, Cupcake Vineyards and more. When she is not playing with new gadgets or dancing in glitter, she can be seen as the host of her podcast On the Fly Filmmaking, featured on the hit online network Popcorn Talk.

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