Interview Producer: I am Human Photo Project with Erik Fischer

I love collaborating with other artists, especially when there is a good message attached to it.  I was recently lucky enough to produce a project with photographer Erik Fischer called the I Am Human Project .  This initiative was created to bring awareness to the titles we give ourselves and the people around us. “We are all different. We all have our own story. We are all unique, yet we are all born in the same way.  We are HUMAN. “

Erik reached out to me to help him produce his vision.  We discussed some ideas and came up with a game plan for what labels we should cover during this first round of models.  After that, found a venue, outreached to some volunteer crew + models, then got to work!  We even had Pashur from Canvas Alive do the body painting for us! While on set, I conducted interviews with the models about labels that had been put on them throughout their lives and how that affected them.  In addition to that, I had my handy dandy clipboard and checklist to make sure we got what we needed via video and photo. I did model a little bit, as well.  It was a really wonderful shoot that seemed to serve as some level of catharsis for our models as they were able to confront the labels they did not identify with and own the ones they did.


Check out these behind the scenes photos and follow @iamhumanphotoproject on Instagram to see where Erik's work from this project is being showcased in real life.

Erik Fischer – Photographer


Pashur – Award Winning Body Paint Artist


Pashur would create reference cards before painting on the models.

Making art out of what was supposed to be a pile of trash


Setting up to interview one of the models


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