How to bring in guests in Restream ▪ Up to 10 Participants in Restream ▪ Restream Multiple Guests

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Hi!
0:33 Restream free trial
0:45 Restream with guests
1:09 Tutorial
1:15 How to invite guest
1:34 Guest set up
1:50 Toggling guests on and off
1:58 Multiple Camera Angle trick

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Video Transcription

What if I told you that up to 10 people could easily hang out in a cute looking livestream, recording, or just Videojet in a restream a studio. You can make that happen today right now. And it is so simple to do. Let me show you.

Hey friends. My name is Marielou Mandl and my mission is to encourage and empower you to create digital content on this channel. I make content about making content. So if you're into that kind of thing, please do subscribe. This video is sponsored by restream and if you haven't yet, make sure you follow the link in the description to claim your seven days free trial of restraint.

And this is a whole tutorial. So, if you want more tips and tricks, check out my restream tutorial playlist. Now let's talk guests in the free version of restream it. You can have up to six participants and with the paid version, you can have up to 10 participants, including you. This is great for panel discussions, podcast, interviews, even meetings or general Hampton.

I've actually used it for this. And it is great. It looks so much better than other places where you can hang out with people on video. In order to set this up, you're going to head to restream studio. Once you're in restream studio, you're going to head to this button here to invite guests, click on that, and then you can get your guest invite link.

You're going to copy it and then send that over to you. I suggest getting your guests into studio at least 15 minutes before Showtime. If they're, they're not under this live stream life, but if they've done this before, you'll quickly learn. It's super easy to do. The guests will use that link to get into your backstage area.

From here, they have a few options where they can change their camera, their audio input, their audio output, and they can also edit their avatar. If they want to have a picture come up when their video. Showing then they will enter their name and join your stream. Once they do that, your guests will show up in your studio.

And when you're ready, you can talk with them on and off. This is also a sneaky way where you can have multiple camera angles. I hope you found that helpful. And if you did, please let me know in the comments and make sure you get your free restream account and get that seven day pro trial started, then check out my restream tutorial playlist for all sorts of tips and tricks to get you started in restraint.

If you haven't connected with me yet on Instagram, please do. I am always hanging out over there. And remember, if you want to be a content creator, you can totally be a content person. All I ask is that you create release and repeat be good. Humans, drink some water, and I will see you in the next video.

Meet Marielou Mandl

Marielou Mandl is a tech blogger, photographer, filmmaker and host with a healthy appetite for gadgets + glam. In addition to creating tech based content for her YouTube channel, she has produced photo/video content for clients such as Nickelodeon, HBO, Sesame Workshop, Nintendo, Cupcake Vineyards and more. When she is not playing with new gadgets or dancing in glitter, she can be seen as the host of her podcast On the Fly Filmmaking, featured on the hit online network Popcorn Talk.

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